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Well this is probably going to be a little anticlimactic…

We’re already home and due to a lack of motivation and few minor issues, I haven’t written anything about our 2 and half month trip to Central America and Colombia.

Basically, I’ve got a lot of shit to do.

Smiling on the bus….

There’s so much to tell (whether you find it interesting or not, is another question). From crossing the always chaotic border from Mexico to Guatemala, to exploding ‘Bombas’ in Antigua, Guatemala. From Cartegena, Colombia, where I so efficiently hid the Ipad (it is Colombia, after all) that I forgot it completely, to Isla de San Andres, a tiny caribbean coral island, literally in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. An epic case of gout in Medellin, which forced us to lie around doing nothing else but look out over the city and surrounding mountains to our trip back home via Bogota and Cozumel for a mezcal induced coma…

Waiting for the taxi to take us to the bus…

So, sorry for the inconvenience, but it might take a few sessions..

Getting into Guatemala from Huatulco…. seems pretty straight forward. Bus it from La Crucecita to Tapachula, on the border.

Just another border crossing…”We will make it!”

Tapachula is not on the tourist path.

Most travellers go through Frontera La Mesilla, which in itself is a crazy crossing, but Tapachula is a little off the beaten path. It consists of a lot of chainlink fencing, on a bridge, over a river where we watched a steady stream of migrants, with large bundles strapped to their backs, forming a chain crossing the river into Mexico.

Zero English is spoken here. You wind your way through fenced isles, with dozens of other Mexicans, into Guatemala where all the vendors, hockers and taxi drivers are yelling at you, only to find that the bus (with your luggage) is nowhere to be seen. We actually, due to my unrest, crossed back into Mexico, then back into Guatemala again looking for the bus, which was about half a kilometer up the road waiting for us… as I’ve said before, the bus system seems like chaos down there, but it all works out….

Rendition of a Chicken Bus..

Checking our tickets, they state that the bus with take us to ‘Guatemala’. Where exactly, nobody could tell us, they would just look at us, shrug their shoulders and repeat “Guatemala”…so, we watched on Google Maps as the bus made its way east. We arrive in Guatemala City – made sense after the fact.

Now to make our way to Antigua, Guatemala.

View of Antigua from La Cruz.

Taxi to the bus station, hop on a classic, beautiful chicken bus. Truly an experience. These are old Bluebird, school buses from Canada and the US that are past their prime. They have been fixed up and decorated beyond belief. I never knew however, that 4 adults fit onto each bench. Complete with luggage, boxes and yes, chickens… we were the only non-locals…

Next stop, Antigua and our 3 weeks of Spanish School, fireworks, bombas and living with our Guatemalan homestay parents, their extended family and meeting some wonderful friends….

Thanks for reading.



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