Ucluelet, getting geared up….

It’s March.

Looks like we’ll have a pretty nice beach this summer!

Normally, we are sitting in our freezing trailer, trying to get the woodstove to thaw us out, while watching the local wildlife through sheets of gale force rain and howling winds. Not this year….

5 Greys rolling and feeding in the bay…

This year, we’re in Tshirts, raking our glamping and camping sites, cutting firewood and doing all the things that are necessary to survive off grid and get ready for the summer season… it’s weird.

Ucluelet is no different. Walking through town, you would normally see the diehard surfers and Ukee-ites who brave the winters here, but already I’m seeing the summer crowds coming in… vans full of easterners, weekenders and fishermen.

And, theres whales.

Amphitrite Lighthouse in the background..

This time of year is the herring season. These little fish (by the trillions!) bring an onslaught of wildlife. Otters, sea lions, eagles, and grey whales. these mammoth creatures stop here on the west coast during their annual migration up to the northern coasts to feed and entertain us.


So Damn Lucky Wildflower Tent

Being here at Mussel Beach, getting ready for our summer glamping season, we have the privilege of watching these giants roll around on the rocks, dive into the eelgrass and generally put on a pretty good show.

Pretty Pristine Beach….

So, everytime I have to go to town for provisions, I see the tourists and travellers coming into town and I quickly get back in my truck and make my way back to the beach… it’s way more interesting out here.

We are So Damn Lucky!

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