The Start of SoDamnLuckyVacations….

So Damn Lucky Vacations.

We thought what a great name for a company/website. We had sold our business (our restaurant for over 20 years), which was so damn lucky considering it was a restaurant in a relatively flooded market. We had some money leftover from the sale, which was so incredibly damn lucky, and we were still together Danielle and I, and we still loved each other – that was so fucking incredibly damn lucky!

So now what? We were active, had a close knit bunch of friends and we were hard workers. The world was our oyster.

“Lets relax”, we said. “We deserve a break”, we said.
“But lets renovate the house first.” Fucking lucky.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with the details of our renovation. As renovations go, it went really well. Nobody died. Danielle and I are still together and still like each other a lot. we did it really well, covered all bases and turned what was a fairly run down box into a beautiful, modern, up-to-code house on a third of an acre. Before we had the only house on the block where the kids could roller blade inside, to what we call an “Executive Cook and Entertainers Dream.” We removed the chalk ‘art’ that the kids had done all over the floors during one of their parties, we turned our ‘spare room/sewing room/storage closet/where-the-fuck-do-I-put-this room into a walk in closet and ensuite bathroom. We did a great job. And it only took us 8 months and $80,000.

So now, “Lets relax.” we said. “We deserve a break”, we said.
“I’ve been thinking” Danielle said. She’s great.

We had a small fifth wheel that we love. It’s a 1990 Bigfoot fibreglass 20 foot fifth wheel that was really quite nice – fully decked with laminate flooring, stereo, lots of windows, new cushions and clean. We had camped over on the west coast of Vancouver Island quite a few times at a campground call Mussel Beach Wilderness Campground. Camping there is a whole other story, which I’ll get to in my spare time, but for now, suffice it to say, well, it’s just great, everybody should go there. It’s great enough that I am writing this while we are in Mexico with the owners of said campground enduring a Class 5 Hurricane, but that’s another story – am I getting off topic?

So, Danielle’s thinking… again.
“Let’s go spend the summer at Mussel Beach. We don’t need to be here, the kids will be fine on their own.” And this is pretty much where the story of SoDamnLuckyVacations starts.

It’s our fifth season of going to Mussel Beach and it’s become our favourite spot. We have our own waterfront site that we lease for the summer and we can come and go as we please. Lori and Curtis own and operate the site and go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great time. This ‘enthusiasm’ of theirs seems to extend to making sure we can continue making a living and not slowly dwindle our savings.
“You guys should buy another trailer and rent it out.” They said.
“People come from all over the world and ask us where they can stay.” They said.
And so it started.
We sold our Bigfoot, which was too small to live in for the whole summer anyways, bought a relatively new travel trailer which was flashy, had all the bells and whistles and had bunks for visitors. Again, another story. Aaaand, we bought another Bigfoot travel trailer to rent out.

Now came the shopping.

I’ll have to tell you how much I love shopping.
For those of you guys who are over 50, you’ve heard about it, you know it’s necessary, you realize that it really is a good idea, but when you go into the doctors office for that Proctology Exam, you still cringe and resent the shit out of it (pun intended) and would give anything to do something else.

We had to buy dishes, pots and pans, sheets, towels, bbq, chairs, mats, pillows, glassware, blinds, shower curtain, little knickknacks to make the trailer ‘homey’, and of course, all of these items are cheaper second hand off of Craigslist. We drove to Nanaimo 140 times, made 2020 phonecalls, and involved all of our friends (which seemed to be dwindling in numbers) in the search for ideas and encouragement. We did it and we did it well, the trailer was great. We set it up on site #15, which is huge. Curtis helped me build a ‘West Coast’ style fence, made out of newly milled cedar (from his portable mill on site – very cool!) and raw logs scavenged from the beach. The trailer had a great water view after I cut down brush and removed a few scraggly trees, a beach fire pit, a hammock.

And we were busy! We had guests from Switzerland, Germany, England, Australia, France and
Surrey. The guests from Surrey were the only ones that caused us any grief (surprise surprise).
So it was a hit! Who would of thought?

Maybe we can make a go of this. Maybe we can be vacation entrepreneurs.
…and this is just the start, here we go, stay tuned!

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