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Good Morning!

I’ve sat here a few times now wanting to write something, but nothing is that exciting at the moment.

Here in San Agustinillo the weather has been a little cooler, a little overcast, which suits us just fine. We’re staying in an “open-air” concept Casa, which means there’s no walls, palapa roof, palm leaf frond barriers on a couple of sides. Our toilet is basically an outhouse concreted into the pad and has a bamboo screen door. So, all the little critters and Iguanas have free access. We sit in our space, either at the table or in the hammocks, and over look the Pacific. We fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Reminiscent of Mussel Beach, so we’re still home….

We did have a visit, while we lazed in the hammocks last night, of the strangest creature I’ve ever seen – about 10 inches in length, 3 inches wide, a short, squat tail about an inch long, short legs and striped bright yellow and black. Not sure, but Danielle and I thought it had fur, and the head was part of the body – no visible neck…? Any ideas? We couldn’t find anything that matches, so I’ll have to rack my little brain to ask Mario what it was.

We also had a Scorpion crawl through the other night. That was freaky! I tried to take photos, but it was fast – going places I didn’t want it to go. I was shaking and Danielle was yelling “don’t send it over here!!”, so all I got was blurry shots.

This whole area is Very Mexican (hence the horse wandering down the street). The beaches are long, some of them the waves are really rough, but still beautiful to walk along. The town Mazunte is not far away – 30 minute walk, where we can get groceries, cervesa and Mezcal. Who needs anything else?

So, as I wrote earlier, not much is going on – we sleep, do our exercises in the morning, make our Oaxaca coffee (and for those that don’t know how to pronounce it, the ‘x’ is pronounced as an ‘h’, so it’s “wha-hak-a”. There, you learned something today), have a siesta and spend our evenings reading, drinking Mezcal and keeping our feet off the ground…

We leave on Wednesday, the 5th and begin our journey down to Guatemala. I figure it will take about 10 days with multiple stops along the coast until we hit Tapachula at the border. Then we go inland down to Antigua where we are scheduled to begin our home stay at San Pedro Spanish school…for three weeks! It’s been years since I’ve had to force anything in this brain, let alone keep it there. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading….

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