For Every Season There Is A Change…

This is something that is still new to us. Danielle and I worked in the restaurant trade for ever, made a little money, sold, travelled, built up a new life, new friends, new business, still married, not alcoholics… we’re So Damn Lucky. We even got new tattoos stating the fact…

Spending the summers out at Mussel Beach looking after our Glamping Tent customers and travelling in the winter. Wow… who’d have thunk? The first winter (2015-2016) we travelled for 4 months through Central America – still feeling as if we should be doing something – couldn’t sit still for a minute. Next winter,¬†Central America East – only for 6 weeks. Like all middle aged families, we’re sandwiched between almost self sufficient kids and aging parents. So we came home early…

So, April to October, out at Mussel Beach (with the weekly trip back home to do…stuff, see friends, check on the house etc..). November to February off…somewhere. That leaves October at home, and March at home. That’s do-able. Get some maintenance done, catch up with friends, watch all the TV we want.

Oh shit. The house just rented (Airbnb – we’re rental sluts), for a week! Move out! Move out! Where to? We have friends, naw, we can’t do that to them. I know! Lets hook up the trailer in the back yard! We can live there while we rent the house. That’s weird….. It’s only for a month. We can do it!

So here we are. A month at home – kind of. Beautifully renovated house, and here we sit – in our fifth wheel, in our back yard. So Damn Lucky. Planning our trip. This year Africa and Asia.

We leave on October 28th. Flights are cheap, weather is still decent, let’s just do it. People think we’re kind of irresponsible, and maybe we are, but life is short. We’ve lost friends and had a lot of our elders tell us that they wish they had….done something. So, why not? This will carry on, I’ll write more and put out some more photos. We’re doing our research and planning on backpacking around Morocco, flying to Tanzania to see our sponsored family Fauzia and her daughter Hidaya

And then? Off to Sri Lanka obviously. We had a few guests over the summer at Mussel Beach that had travelled to Sri Lanka and absolutely loved it. We’ll keep you posted…..

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  1. Irresponsible? I’d like to meet the people that say that. Clearly they have no lives. You guys just keep on rocking! Quite often when I was on the road I would have people come up to me and say I was living the dream. I would just say no, I’m not living the dream, I work hard and I do this for myself. You can too. They would look at me and say no no I can’t. I have too many responsibilities. I call bs on that. Yes, sometimes the stars do have to align, but Just do it!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Dan. We carry on and make decisions everyday, and everyone has a ‘pro’ and a ‘con’. As a wise man once said “Do the research, make the decision and live with the consequences…”

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