Essaouira – Hit the beach!!

“I need the beach” says Jenna.

“Lets go swimming and chill on the sand” replies Kathryn.

Danielle and I wanted to head to Essaouira and then up the coast of Morocco to Casablanca to catch our flight to Tanzania anyway, and with our Marrakech hosts recommendation, off we go…

It’s winter here. I didn’t bring enough clothes for winter – we’re in Africa after all. I also tossed my long pants that I had just purchased at Value Village before leaving because they were too big. First world problems, I remind myself. The temperature is still 23 degrees, but the wind flies off the Atlantic at 1000 miles and hour, bringing sand and chill. The locals are wearing parkas and down jackets while I’m walking around with a thin hoody (that I thought I’d never wear), shorts and flip flops….

But hit the beach we did. Beautifully windy with Kite surfers taking full advantage. We were a little concerned with the amount of garbage on the beach, but as in most third world countries, garbage is an issue. But there was something entirely different here – camels! First time I’ve seen them. They are very sweet looking, but you can tell they really don’t give a shit about you, and like a suspicious dog, when you approach, they really aren’t sure about your intentions. I don’t think they are treated particularly well. As all things Moroccan, life has carried on like this for 1000 years.

The Medina, as in Marrakech, is ancient. Essaoiura is a port used by the Portuguese, the French, British and Dutch for centuries for trade, fishing and pirating. Seafood is in plenty – fried fish.

We’re in a local’s area apartment with a school next door and lots of local shops and cafes. It’s a 20 minute walk to the Medina. Kathryn, then Jenna develop stomach issues and therefore are not able to take part in the local life and food – such a drag when you’re sick on a trip. Thankfully we have a nice place for them to hang out in. Street food is such a experience and when things don’t go well you have to be prepared. Imodium is a god send, and clean water, but you still have to experience it.

We’re off today to start our 3 stage journey to Tanzania. Tummies are better, but sensitive, we have books and movies downloaded to our phones. Wifi is always an issue, so we had our phones unlocked and as soon as we land we’ll get SIM cards and stay connected. Wish us luck!


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