A surprising spiritual moment…

Bali Indonesia, a complex mix tourism, history and spiritualism. Everywhere you turn there’s all three.

We had no plan to be ‘awakened’ today. Just minding our own business, wandering around the rice fields trying to escape the tourists, getting lost – something we are very good at.

The rice paddies are fantastic.

We followed a ravine until we crossed a stream, climbed a hill and had the option of going right, or left… left we thought. We come across a small hut with a kind looking man sitting out front.

“Coconut?” he asks.

Our standard “no, thank you” comes out of our mouth. You form an automatic response after thousands of requests and questions. But this time we stop. He has beautiful small drawings hanging on the doors and walls. We stop to look and he takes the opportunity…

“Come inside, see my art – no have to buy…”

His shop measures 4 feet by 10 feet, and is literally a shack.

He has beautiful art, his supplies scattered around the floor.

“You like nature? Come”

Just like that. We are on an adventure. He leaves his shop – open, and takes us by the hand and leads us between the paddy fields, twisting and turning, to a grass trail that leads us down into a different ravine. I’m dubious about situations like this, but this seems right. Down a grass/mud trail where we have to take off our flip flops in order to grip. Past a tied up black bull, past locals harvesting rice, to a river. All the time he is reassuring us “Is ok, come”.

We find ourselves along side a stream, accompanied by a waterfall, surrounded by thick jungle.

Now you might think ‘Wow, that’s spiritual!’, but that ain’t nothin… It gets heavy.

Danielle doesn’t read my blogs, don’t tell her I posted this photo…

He, like a Shaman, instructs us to each take a shower in the waterfall telling us to be quiet and feel the nature. Then, with a lot of motions and instructions that we have to decipher, Danielle and I stand facing each other, firstly in our shorts and skirt (Danielle’s wearing the skirt in case you weren’t sure), and then just in our underwear. He says to Danielle after placing his hand lightly on her chest and back (asking both our permissions first), “you good, very positive (with the crossed fingers for ‘plus’), very peace.” Then me “good, but much hangreys”. “Calm, peace.” Putting his hand on my chest. Well ‘surprise, surprise’, I thought looking at our current situation. But I gave myself over – I looked around at the jungle, the river, Danielle and my tattooed arm – SoDamnLucky.

He closed his eyes, mumbled some phrases all the time with his hands lightly on our necks and  backs as we stood there on the waters edge facing and hugging each other. He made us sit with Danielle between my legs, hugging her from behind. I had to control my inner thoughts….

‘All I wanted was a coconut’, I thought, and here I am almost naked on the rivers edged.

We breathed, we sat, we took in our surroundings, then left, up the steep, muddy path back to his shack, still open, as if nothing happened. We were gone for about 45 minutes, I figured, but it could have been twice that. Two other tourists that we had met just before we met this man came walking by.

“Well you didn’t get very far, did you?”, they asked. How do you explain what just happened?

“We just got lost” was my answer.

Not so far from the truth……

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